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Denise and Daniel Rosen Haute Hounds

Welcome and thank you for stopping by my store!

As a designer, photographer, and world traveler, I am used to looking and finding inspiration all around me.

My career in fashion design and Halloween costume design in Southern California has taken me to some extraordinary and crazy places for ideas, but nothing could have prepared me for the inspiration that scampered into my life about 6 years ago!

Back then, I met my now husband, Dan, and his little white fluffy rescue dog on one of their vacations to San Diego from Seattle. It was like love plus one! My life changed forever!

Inspired, the designer in me took over, and I wanted to create an outward expression of my love for her- something beautiful, comfortable, and easy to wear and walk her in. I also wanted her to reflect my fashion-forward sense, so that when we were out together, people would notice her and instantly know how dearly loved she is.

Guided by my sense of fun and fashion, I created Haute Hounds not only for discerning dog lovers who appreciate quality and luxury, but also it was important for me to contribute back to the USA economy by keeping my products handcrafted locally and to support great pet organizations that give rescues a second chance at life along the way.

-Denise Rosen

I love startup companies, so when Denise decided to turn Haute Hounds into a business, I was all in. I am inspired by her creative abilities and sharp eye, not to mention her years of experience in both fashion and Halloween design.

I’ve worked with a lot of startups. For the last 23 years, I’ve been Chair of the Alliance of Angels (AoA), the largest angel investing network in the Pacific Northwest, which has invested over $125M in more than 220 companies. I’ve been pleased to serve on the boards of many public and private companies, as well as non-profits. I was on the board of Seattle Humane and helped transition it to a “no-kill” shelter.

I’m also also a professional photographer (www.rosen-photo.com) and enjoy travelling the world capturing stunning images of nature, wildlife, landscapes, and people.

Denise and I have 2 furry children, Lexi and Hazel, both of whom were adopted from Seattle Humane. Much of our charitable giving is focused on animal-oriented charities, including Seattle Humane and the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Daniel Rosen, PhD
Co-founder and Director, Haute Hounds
Angel Extraordinaire and world-renowned photographer
Chair, Alliance of Angels; Owner, Rosen Photo; CEO, Dan Rosen & Associates

Elizabeth Samford, Product Development Executive Haute Hounds

Passion and resourcefulness have driven me throughout my career, having worn many hats in the fashion industry from designer to production expert, and everything in between. I worked with Denise in the past and she is one of the most creative and talented designers I have had the pleasure to collaborate with. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to join the Haute Hounds team to design and produce these fabulous products for our precious pooches!

Rolling up my sleeves and diving into the various jobs it takes to get the finest product to market has given me a unique perspective, and gratitude for the strong manufacturing teams I’ve built. Great teams don’t just happen, they are created, which is why I employ the best local tradespeople to get the job done.

My passion is grounded by my firm academic background, having studied fashion design at FIDM and LA Trade Tech and digital media at UCSD. I’ve also enjoyed community involvement, having served as a board member at the Fashion Group International of San Diego, and on the Fashion Advisory Board for Mesa Collage and the Art Institute in San Diego.

Having lived and breathed fashion from the drawing board to the production floor has required every ounce of tenacity I could throw out into the world. It is extremely thrilling to be a part of reimagining the pet industry and bringing my exacting eye for quality to luxury pet accessories.

~Elizabeth Samford, Product Development Executive

Emily Schwartz , Social Media Planner Haute Hounds

Hi there! I’m Emily and I’m responsible for Haute Hounds social media. I love putting my creative mind to work and brainstorming content for our social platforms. Animals are so essential to our happiness. They’re there to root for you during every triumph, and there to give you unconditional love through any struggle. Our lives are so enriched by our animal companions. They deserve every treat! I myself am a mom to a charismatic kitty named Lucy. During my free time I love pouring my energy into my creative pursuits, including design, painting, and photography. I also love watching cute animal videos online every morning to get my day started right!

~Emily Schwartz , Social Media Planner