Take a Walk on Wild Side - American Graffiti Dog Harness

Try some edgy, street smart style for your dog! Visualize your precious pup in this designer made dog harness like our new American Graffiti style dog harness that is perfect for small dogs. Exclusive, custom-designed, hand made in California to exacting standards and sealed with a kiss! 

We are talking easy on and easy off fashion dog walk wear, using industrial strength Velcro, and with it’s double D-rings, attaches to a leash in a jiff!  Get this haute couture dog harness and off you go for your walk – you and your dog will love it! 

Our new line of dog harnesses and products are so special to us and have so much attention to detail. We want you to enjoy this luxury and beauty that we have created for you and your beautiful pet. The creation process of Haute Hounds products derive from an attention to the design and functionality you won't find in a big brand product. Our products are custom designed and manufactured.

As you might expect, this kind of attention to detail is not cheap, each piece is beautifully made, collectible, and prized for its uniqueness and outstanding quality.  Every thought goes into the creation of these fashion-forward dog harnesses, the look, and feel of them is something you and your dog will love for years to come. Explore our dog harnesses!