Seattle Humane Inspires Me and Here is Why

I have a story about how Seattle Humane inspires me and why I am a supporter.  

It began with my husband Dan, and his involvement as a board member of Seattle Humane Society after his beloved dog passed, when he fostered and adopted Lexi, a cute, fluffy Seattle Humane alum. 

A couple of years later, the donation of a camera brought us to stop by SHS, and as luck would have it, we happened to meet Hazel, who became our second Seattle Humane adoptee.

It was in the process of adopting our dogs and through my husband’s involvement in Seattle Humane Society that I learned about the outstanding programs they offer, like their Pet Assistance Fund and their partnership with Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine, bringing state of the art veterinary medicine to rehabilitate pets on their way to their forever homes. 

 It’s with heartfelt gratitude that I have been a supporter of Seattle Humane Society over the years.  We love that at SHS no animal ever runs out of time or space.  When the pandemic hit last year and Seattle Humane’s in person events fundraising events were canceled, and I decided to get creative about other ways to support them and the work they do on behalf of animals. 

That was about the time a neighbor of mine (who coincidentally adopted her cat from Seattle Humane), wanted a harness for her stressed out cat, so I offered her a discount if she donated the discounted sum to Seattle Humane.  I thought that purchase was a win for everyone, and it gave me an idea to expand my support of Seattle Humane Society.

With this, I am happy to announce our SUPPORTSHS promotion, for every Haute Hounds purchase of our dog-loving luxury, $25 will go to directly Seattle Humane Society.  I know my customers love their pets like no other, and they would support spreading that love!